About Kay Kim

Kay Kim

Hello, I’m Kay Kim. I started Kay the Net in 1999 in order to better serve owners, sellers and buyers in the lucrative franchise market. In that time I have successfully served hundreds of clients and have become one of the largest Franchise Brokerage firms in Southern California. Kay the Net leverages outstanding leadership with
competitive experience to help you reach your goal.

At Kay the Net, we specialize in critical areas that will help make your franchise a reality:

• finds the best locations for new development
• has strong connections with the best Architectural and Construction professionals.
• excels in lease negotiation thanks to many years of varied experience
• provide expert consultation in valuation of your franchise
• connects qualified buyers with franchisees
• guides your transfer step-by-step to completion

If you are interested in developing a new franchise business, having a franchise in California, having a new franchise consultation, or having your existing businesses evaluated current market price, please contact Kay the Net.

I would like to get to know you and your business. Having over 20 years of extensive experience, I am sure that Kay the Net can help you succeed in the purchase or sale of your franchise.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.